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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this course include any snail mail? Or is everything online?
    This program is 100% online. All of your materials are organized in a lovely online classroom. You won’t receive anything via snail mail. If you love snail mail (we do, too!), please join our snail-mail list. Throughout the year, we’ll send postcards, brochures, and other fun things to you. Free of charge.
  • I did this course in the past. Should I buy the 2022 version or will it be too repetitive and boring for me?
    The 2022 course has been completely updated. New curriculum. New lessons. New audios. Everything is new. While the main theme is the same, you’ll notice the 2022 version has a lot of exciting upgrades.
  • I have a large following on social media. I want to leave social media, but I don’t want to lose the community I’ve worked so hard to build. Will this course help me create a transition plan to leave social media without losing my community?
    Yes. This course includes a worksheet (and audio lesson) called: “Build a transition plan: Leave social media without losing your community or hurting your revenue.” Use this worksheet to map out a successful transition plan. You can notify people you’re leaving social media soon and invite them to join you elsewhere—your blog, newsletter, podcast, website, or wherever you want people to go. In the course, we provide examples/scripts of wording you can use to make this announcement.
  • If I buy this course, is it a tax-deductible business expense?
    Mostly likely, yes. If you are self-employed and live in the United States, the cost of this course will (likely) be tax-deductible. You can categorize the payment as an education expense, professional training, or marketing/promotional expense. Please consult your tax preparer to confirm. If you live outside the US, the same applies. Please speak to a tax professional to confirm if this is deductible for you.
  • I sell services. Should I buy this course?
    Yes. We offer numerous suggestions for self-employed service providers on how to find clients and bring revenue in the door. If you sell copywriting services, graphic design services, financial services, consulting services, coaching services, or any service-based programs, workshops, seminars, packages, retreats, and so on, this course will be helpful for you.
  • I don’t have any following yet. None. No social media following. No mailing list readership. No podcast fanbase. Nobody even knows that I exist. Should I enroll in this course?
    If you’re starting from zero (zero listeners, zero customers, zero clients, etc.), this will be a great course for you. You’ll find a list of 115 marketing ideas inside. Tons of fantastic ways to start connecting with people and grow your business audience from 0 to 50 to 100 to 1,000 or whatever numbers you want to reach.
  • I sell products. Should I buy this course?
    Yes. We offer numerous suggestions for self-employed product creators on how to find customers and bring revenue in the door. If you sell physical products (clothing, jewelry, skincare products, artwork, books, etc.), this course will be helpful for you.
  • I fantasize about quitting social media, but I am scared to do it. Maybe some people can do this but not me. Is this really possible for someone like me?
    Out of all the businesses in the United States, around 60% use social media as part of their marketing plan and approximately 40% do not. Meaning, there are millions of businesses out there—staying open, generating revenue, serving customers—who do not use social media at all. Never have. Still don’t. These businesses rely on other means to find customers: print marketing (postcards, brochure, flyers), press coverage (media appearances, interview, press coverage), email marketing (newsletter, mailing list, email funnel campaigns), word of mouth (happy customers raving to their friends), and more. It is completely possible to create a successful business with—or without—social media. Social media is optional, not mandatory. If you’re curious about quitting social media but feel nervous to do it, we encourage you to begin with a small step. Take one week off; a short break. See how it goes. You may discover you feel so much better, your concentration improves, you’re more energized, and you can focus on the business priorities that really matter. And you might discover your business is completely fine—or even stronger—than before. Taking a tiny break might be one of the best business decisions you ever make. Try it and see.
  • I don’t live in the United States. Can I enroll in this course?
    Yes! In the past, we’ve had clients from Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Singapore, and many other places. As long as you’re comfortable learning in English, you’re welcome to purchase the course.
  • I am going through a big career transition. I am shutting down my business, or doing a major makeover, or pivoting to a whole new industry. Right now, I don’t feel clear on what I am selling, or why, or to whom. Everything is in transition. Should I enroll in this course?
    We don’t recommend it, right now. First, take some time to get clear on where you’re going in your career or business. Once you’ve got something you’re excited to sell (whether it’s a service, product, book, album, artwork, or something else), then purchase this course and enjoy!
  • I have another question that’s not addressed here. Who can I ask?
    Please feel free to email us at Thank you.
  • Word-of-mouth marketing is so important. Will this course teach me how to get more word-of-mouth buzz for my business?
    Absolutely. In this course, you’ll find a worksheet (and audio lesson) called: “Become excellent at whatever you do—so good that every client/customer tells five friends about you.” This particular lesson is all about mastering your craft, bringing excellence to your work, and becoming a service provider (or business) people rave about.
  • If I buy this course, can I email Alex (or the Get It Done team) and ask for help? Can I reach out to ask for advice, support, coaching, etc?
    This is an independent study program and does not include coaching. It works like this: You purchase the course. You get a confirmation email immediately. You can log into the classroom immediately. All of the materials are online. Visit the classroom. Dive in and enjoy. Enjoy the course at your own pace.
  • I actually like social media a lot and don’t want to quit. Should I buy this course?
    If you love social media, and it brings money, joy, positive relationships, or exciting opportunities into your life, that’s wonderful. If it’s working for you, by all means, keep doing it. However, perhaps you’d like to explore some marketing options that don’t require social media. Maybe you want to find a few additional things you can try (aside from posting on social media) to create a more well-rounded marketing plan. If so, you'll enjoy this course.
  • I don’t have a business yet, but I intend to start one soon. Should I buy this course?
    This course includes 115 marketing ideas: a big list of different ways to find more clients/customers. If you don’t have a business yet, this list will give you some excellent ideas to get going. Pick a few ideas from the list, complete them, and get your first 5 customers in the door. PS. Congratulations on starting a business! This is such an exciting step. Many people dream about doing this but never actually do it. Congrats on your courage and willingness to move forward.
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