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Marketing Without Social Media by Alexandra Franzen

This is for a pre-order for the Marketing Without Social Media book. Books will begin shipping by the end of June 2023.


Inside Marketing Without Social Media, you’ll find:


  • 100 marketing ideas that don’t require social media—from free and low-cost strategies to quick wins and big, bold campaigns. 


  • 10 reasons to quit social media. Better sleep, deeper relationships, more privacy, plus you’ll reclaim nearly 900 hours per year. 


  • Inspiring examples of companies that don’t use social media and why they left.


  • Facts about what customers really want and why social media isn’t as important as you think.


  • Worksheet: how to build a marketing plan whether you’ve got a side hustle, small business, or bigger company with a team.


  • Book club discussion guide. Read Marketing Without Social Media with a friend (or a group) and take positive steps to grow your businesses together.

Marketing Without Social Media by Alexandra Franzen

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