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Is it possible to find clients and customers, generate revenue, and run a successful business without social media?

About the Course

If you run a business of any kind—or you’re a self-employed artist, musician, maker, author, consultant, coach, speaker, service provider, or product creator—this is for you.  


Learn how to find plenty of clients and customers and bring revenue in the door consistently—without using social media.


Course includes: 


  • List of 115 marketing ideas that do not require social media.  


  • Inspiring examples of big (and small) companies that do not use social media—and their reasons for leaving.


  • Interviews with business owners who quit social media or cut back—and how they’re achieving success.


  • Worksheet: how to build a marketing plan. Fill out this worksheet to create a calm, sensible plan that doesn’t require you to be online 24/7.


  • Facts on how excessive screen time and social media scrolling impacts your mental health—and why it’s a good idea to cut back.


  • Instructions on how to take a break from social media (social media detox) without hurting your business.


  • And more.

The Story Behind the Course

Hi, I’m Alex. 


12 years ago, I quit my full-time job and decided to start my own business. Several mentors told me, “You need to be active on social media! It’s the best way to find clients and customers.”


I figured they were probably right. So, I set up accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Vine (remember Vine?), pretty much every platform imaginable. 


I spent the next few years posting a lot—multiple times a day—trying to accumulate a big social media following. I told myself, “I have to do this. Building a social media presence is mandatory if I want to be a successful entrepreneur.”


However, over time, I noticed myself getting increasingly obsessed with social media. It began to feel like social media was using me—not the other way around.


What's Included In the Course

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Proof: Yes, You Can Build a Thriving Company Without Social Media

  • Successful companies (multi-million-dollar brands) that do not use social media.

  • Successful solopreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses that do not use social media.

  • Client spotlight: interviews with people who completed The Marketing Without Social Media Course in the past and how they find clients/customers without relying on social media.

115 Marketing Ideas

  • A comprehensive workbook of 115 marketing ideas that do not require social media.

  • A wide range of ideas, including options that are free, low-cost, long-game, quick wins, and more.

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Worksheets to Make a Plan and Create Offers People Want

  • Develop an offer people actually want.

  • Become excellent at whatever you do—so good that every client/customer tells five friends about you.

  • Build a marketing plan—set revenue goals, create a timeline, and get it done. 

  • Build a transition plan—decide how you're going to leave social media without losing your community or hurting your revenue.

Take a Break From Social Media to De-Stress and Rinse Out Your Brain

  • Learn facts about technology, screen time, social media, and your health. 

  • How to complete a social media detox, without disrupting your business or income.

  • 51 delightful unplugged activities you can do instead of reaching for your phone.

65-Lindsey Smith_r1_04G_8207.jpg


How to find a marketing co-working partner—a smart friend you can meet with, weekly, to set business goals and get things done.

How to create a staycation unplug retreat at home.

Selling with sensitivity—how to sell your products/services when difficult, scary things are happening in the news.

10 newsletter topic ideas for people who sell books.

10 newsletter topic ideas for people who sell products.

10 newsletter topic ideas for people who sell services.

10 scripts to get more sales.

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Read, Listen, or Both

This course includes written materials (lessons, workbooks, checklists) and audio materials (listen anytime at your desk or while walking, cycling, or puttering around the house). 


You can read, listen, or both. 


Accessible for multiple learning styles and abilities.

What Clients Say

We asked a few people, “What is your favorite part of this course?”


Here’s what they told us:

“I’ve already created so much momentum by having the container of this course to put myself out there. This is a fun way to joyfully be a role model for someone who needs to see someone like me making it happen.” -Natasha Lindor Hahn

“I feel more clear-headed, and I’m thinking about long-term projects. I’m also more open to possibilities.” -Sharon Borgstrom


“I finally started to actively reach out to people. It feels brave in the most satisfying way. I’ve realized my future clients aren’t different from other people (and they don’t bite!).”

-Susa Hofmeister


"I sent some resources to a current client, and offered a continued partnership for 3 months for their leadership team for $9300. They said yes! Also, just a few days later, a client applied to work with me, and booked a $20k coaching agreement. I feel just being in the program opened my ability to get clear on what I want, why I want it, and receive a whole lot more." -Jadah Sellner


"I finished this week by sending another round of emails to former clients, asking them to join my new online offer. 1 just signed up. Kaching! Thanks for your program and I'll continue to benefit from it for a long time to come." -Melissa Matson


"I reached out to 20 potential clients during this program - with bravery and generosity! I even emailed the leader of a new political party here in NZ! I have received 6 responses so far, and feel better knowing I am taking inspired action." -Anita Toi

Purchase Today and Start the Course Immediately

Right after you purchase the course, check your email. 


  • You’ll get a confirmation email within minutes. 


  • Open that email for instructions on how to log into the classroom. 


  • In the classroom, you’ll find all the course materials neatly organized in one place. 


  • You can begin the course immediately. No waiting.


Finish the entire course in a weekend. Or take your time and go slowly. Go at your own pace. There is no rush.

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Our Stance

Our stance is that social media is optional, not mandatory. 


  • With this course, we’re not trying to convince you that you “should” or “must” leave social media. 


  • However, we want to show you that you have options. You can keep using social media. You can quit or cut back. You can include social media in your marketing plan—or not. You can have a beautiful career and successful business, with or without social media. 


  • There are hundreds of ways to find clients and customers and bring revenue in the door. Social media is one option, but it is not the only option. There are plenty of other things you can do.


  • What matters most is your health. If social media is harming your mental health—or becoming a huge distraction that pulls you away from important priorities—then perhaps it’s time to make a change.


  • Enjoy this course and discover a calm and reasonable approach to marketing.

Is This Course Right for You?

You will enjoy this course, if:


  • You are self-employed. This might look like running a company with employees, running a small solopreneur operation, freelancing, a side hustle, or some other type of business.


  • You have something you want to sell. This might be a book, product, service, or something else.


  • You want more clients, more customers, and more revenue coming in the door.


  • You feel exhausted by social media and want to set boundaries, cut back, or perhaps quit entirely.


  • You’ve noticed social media sucks up a lot of your time, but doesn't bring you a lot of clients, customers, or revenue. Big time expenditure. Poor ROI.


  • You feel like social media distracts you from bigger, more important priorities.


  • You are curious to learn 115 marketing ideas that don’t require social media.​


  • You want marketing to feel simple, calm, and sensible.

If most (or some) of those sound like you, then you will find this course inspiring and helpful.

Buy Anytime, Start Anytime

You can purchase this course any day of the year. 


The sooner you purchase, the sooner you can dive in.

Have a Question? 

In the Press

Get It Done co-founders—Lindsey and Alex—have been featured O, The Oprah Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times Small Business Blog, and beyond.


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